Life Insurance, AD&D Benefits

Benefit Description

Life Insurance benefits are available to employees only. Dependents are not eligible for Life Insurance benefits. Those making self-payments under COBRA are not eligible for this benefit. Life Insurance is provided through a contract with Standard Insurance Company.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D) provides benefits for dismemberment or death resulting from accidental bodily injuries. 

Life Insurance Benefit

The Plan provides $15,000 of Group Term Life Insurance. (24-hour coverage)

Reductions in Insurance
Your Life Insurance amount will be reduced based on your age, as shown below:

Age Benefit Amount
70 through 74 65% $9,750
75 or over 50% $7,500

Life Insurance Effective Date
Your Life Insurance becomes effective on the date you qualify for group health and welfare benefits.

When Life Insurance Ends
Your Life Insurance automatically ends on the earliest of:

The date the last period ends for which a required premium is made on your behalf to Standard Insurance Company by the I.B.E.W./NECA Sound and Communications Health & Welfare Plan;
The date the group policy terminates; or
The date you cease to be eligible for the Self-Funded Plan due to the lack of employer, or a combination of employer and employee contributions for the health and welfare benefits. A self-payment under COBRA to continue health and welfare benefits WILL NOT serve to extend your Life Insurance benefits.

Waiver of Premium
Life Insurance will continue without premium payment while you are totally disabled if:

  • You become totally disabled while insured under the group policy prior to age sixty;
  • You remain totally disabled for at least one-hundred and eighty (180) days;
  • Satisfactory proof of total disability is furnished to Standard Insurance Company; and
  • Such proof is submitted to Standard Insurance Company no later than eighteen (18) months after you become totally disabled.
  • Totally Disabled means that, as a result of sickness, accidental injury, or pregnancy, you are unable to perform with reasonable continuity the material duties of any gainful occupation for which you are reasonably fitted by training, education or experience.

Premium payment must continue to be made during the first one-hundred and eighty (180) days of total disability. If you qualify for the Waiver of Premium Benefit, those premiums will be refunded to the Trust.

The amount of Life Insurance continued under the Waiver of Premium Benefit will be the amount of your Life Insurance in effect on the day preceding total disability. If you receive an Accelerated Benefit, the Life Insurance amount will be reduced according to the Accelerated Benefit provision.

Life Insurance Claims

  1. Filing a Claim
    Claims should be filed on Standard Insurance Company forms. You may obtain a claim form by contacting us at 408-288-4400 or infos&
  2. Time Limits on Filing Proof of Loss
    Proof of Loss must be provided within ninety (90) days after the date of the loss. If that is not possible, it must be provided as soon as reasonably possible, but not later than one (1) year after that ninety (90) day period.Proof of Loss for Waiver of Premium must be provided within eighteen (18) months after the date of total disability. Further Proof of Loss will be required at reasonable intervals, but not more often than once a year after you have been continuously disabled for two years.
  3. Proof of Loss
    Proof of loss means written proof that a loss occurred:
    1. For which the group policy provides benefits;
    2. Which is not subject to any exclusions; and
    3. Which meets all other conditions for benefits.

    Proof of Loss includes any other information which may reasonably be required in support of a claim. Proof of Loss must be in writing and must be provided at the expense of the claimant. No benefits will be provided until the Standard Insurance Company receives Proof of Loss.

Benefit Payment And Beneficiary Provisions

  1. Payment of Benefits
    Benefits payable because of your death will be paid to the beneficiary you name. Beneficiary means a person you name to receive death benefits.
  2. Naming a Beneficiary
    You may name one or more beneficiaries. Two or more surviving beneficiaries will share equally unless you specify otherwise. You may name or change beneficiaries at any time without the consent of a beneficiary.You must name or change beneficiaries in writing. Your beneficiary designation:
    1. Must be dated and signed by you;
    2. Must be delivered to the Fund Administrator, United Administrative Services, during your lifetime;
    3. Must relate to the insurance provided under the group policy; and
    4. It will take effect on the date it is delivered to the Fund Administrator.

You may obtain a beneficiary designation form by calling us at 408-288-4400.

The address and telephone number of Standard Insurance Company is:

Standard Insurance Company
920 SW Sixth Avenue
Suite #1002
Portland, OR 97204
Telephone: (503) 321-7000

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance Benefit

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D) provides benefits for dismemberment or death resulting from accidental bodily injuries. 

  1. When Benefits are Payable
    If you have an accident while insured for AD&D Insurance, and the accident results in a loss, Standard

    Insurance Company will pay benefits according to the terms of the group policy after satisfactory proof of loss is received.

  2. Definition of Loss for AD&D Insurance
    A loss means loss of life, hand, foot or sight, which:

    1. Is caused solely and directly by an accident;
    2. This occurs independently of all other causes, and
    3. This occurs within 365 days after the accident.

    With respect to a hand or foot, Loss means actual and permanent severance from the body at or above the wrist or ankle joint. With respect to sight, Loss means entire and irrevocable loss of sight.

  3. Amount Payable
    No more than 100% of your AD&D Insurance will be paid for all losses resulting from one accident.

    The amount payable is equal to a percentage of your AD&D insurance in effect on the date of the accident. Your AD&D insurance is $15,000. The amount payable is as follows:

    Loss Amount
    Life $15,000
    One hand, one foot, or sight of one eye $ 7,500
    Two or more of the above losses $15,000

Filing a Claim

Claims should be filed on Standard Insurance Company forms. You may obtain a claim form by contacting us at 408-288-4400 or infos&